Closing Down May 1st

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Sonic Extractor will be closing down for sales on May 1st. If you have any interest in this technology, I suggest you initiate a Engineering Study, or equipment purchase prior 1 May, 2020. For email inquiries:

Hemp Investor Strategy and Methodology: How to invest in the lucrative hemp oil extraction market

The problem with the hemp market is lack of extraction facilities of full spectrum hemp oil from the hemp flower. There are lots of growers, but few extractors. Even fewer CO2 extractors, which brings a much higher oil price, since CO2 retains valuable flavor and medicinal rich terpenes compared to other methods. Most processors don’t have qualified legal oil extract.

The best strategy to start is to buy a CO2 extraction system, number up, then ultimately move up to the large industrial processor using continuous feed water extraction. This provides a clear path to profit and solidifies a vertical system from hemp flower extraction to sales. These systems are offered by Infinity Supercritical.

Immediate Hemp Processing

New Hemp Processor CO2 System $99,000.
Produce up to 1 Liter per day of high quality, near distillate, full spectrum hemp cb d oil.
Available now. $2,500 per month lease. Each system can produce up to 1 liter per day high quality extract without winterizing or post processing. $3,000+ per day income.