Hydro SDR1200 Industrial Botanical Oil Organic Extractor by Infinity Supercritical For Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil 2 Week Payback

The New Revolution in Processing using Water as the Solvent
Simple push-button operation and uses only water as the carrier-solvent, this amazing system uses technology that was previously only available in the pharmaceutical industry. Process 50-100 pounds per hour, or up to 2,400 pounds (1,200 kg) per day of hemp, algae, or other botanicals. When adding on the continuous feed Winterization system, this can become your solution for producing full spectrum oil.

Note: Wisconsin Hemp Processors may see a payback in less than two weeks.




Hops Cell After Spinning Disc Reactor Extraction Using Water As The Solvent

Continuous Feed Eco Extraction:
We have the first system in the industry that is continuous feed. No more batch runs that take 12-24 hours. Processing is virtually instant using our fast extraction processing. More thorough and consistent extraction. Push button operation and less complex parts means less maintenance. Best of all, there are no expensive, hard to get, high pressure parts to maintain. The overall safety on a low pressure system far outweigh a butane, ethanol, or CO2 system. Simple to use, and simple to maintain.

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