Advantages of a Water Based Extraction System – Aqueous Extraction

1. Redundancy: Dual flow system (for SDR and water tank modules only)
allows maintenance while running. With other extractor machines, the
entire operation will stop for maintenance.

2. Low Consumables: Does not use CO2 or ethanol. Operational costs are
power, and uses low cost water filtration technology.

3. Green Extraction: Termed eco-extraction, this is the only system
that uses water as a solvent. Branding as a green product may increase
industry public relations, and higher wholesale buy price. As time
goes on, the consumer will be more educated, and savvy consumers will
be green branded products.

4. Closed-Loop: Water solvent is in a closed-loop cycle. Water
polishing maintains clean water supply as it is circulated through the

5. Off-the-shelf Parts: The majority of our system uses low pressure,
standard water flow. This allows the use of readily available parts.
Other systems use proprietary parts, which may have longer lead times,
and higher costs.

6. Modular: Using 20ft shipping containers, the plug-and-play system
have a small footprint and reduced installation time, compared to a
large single-purpose custom-built extraction facility. Each container
has modular connecting electrical and plumbing systems.

7. Continuous Feed Push-Button Operation: Only system on the market
that uses continuous feed.

9. Future Expansion Post Processing: Dewaxing and other capabilities
can be added in the future, as in-line post processing to remove waxes
(refined concentrate), or produce a CBD isolate (we have a new process
that uses water softeners as solid chromatography, or we can use our
spinning technology for liquid-chromatography termed centrifugal
partition chromatography or CPC). CPC technology can be see at Gilson

10. Better Methodology and Strategy: Since I’ve been in the botanicals
market since 2015, we have real-world experience and can tell you what
doesn’t work. The SDR has been in the development queue for years. Due
to the limitations of batch fed extractors, and limitations of
non-skilled operators, the  SDR was designed around a reduced
worker-input environment.

11. Pushbutton Operation: Due to skilled labor limitations, the system
is push-button, and can be remotely monitored on your smart phone. Our
SCADA system allows you to see operational data anywhere, at any time.
What we found in our experience with the cannabis botanical industry,
was lack of operator initiative and skillsets. The challenge was to
design a system that is push-button in operation, and delegates worker
skillsets to monitoring, and maintenance.

12. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): Each module will
have electronic control and monitoring, which will be accessible from
a iPhone or iPad. SCADA interface will allow the customer to get
notifications for operational parameters, and generate a parts order
email, which can be automatically sent for support or parts.

13. Dedicated Operations and Maintenance Module: A separate 20 ft
shipping container will have a well-organized tool workbench with
clearly labeled tools, spare parts, and consumables.

14. Component Identification: Using our laser cutter/engraver, we can
now make component tags with integrated barcodes, which allow the
operator to quickly interrogate any operational or maintenance issue.
The barcode allows quick location of spare parts (or consumables), and
allows one-touch ordering if parts are needed. Based on actual
operational history, a 30 day supply of consumables is suggested for
the operator to order by the click of a button (alternatively you can
be put on a subscription for filters). From a operational standpoint,
using a iPhone or iPad in the operator hands allows one-click support,
with the option of FaceTime to look at any issue first-hand through
the device camera.

15. Infinity Eco-System: If you start with our CO2 extractors, you
will already be in our eco-system, which will make the step-up to the
more automated SDR system a more calculated and organized transition.


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