Infinity Supercritical Developing Solid State Process To Extract Oil from Botanicals Using Water As The Solvent

MADISON, WI  May 7, 2019  — Infinity Supercritical LLC, a oil extraction equipment development firm, is pleased to announce development of a unique process to extract plant oil using water.

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The environmentally friendly electrowetting process for plant cell disruption uses electricity and water. The key features of this technology are cell lysis, fractionalization, and solubility. This method of extraction is considered eco-extraction.

Using a process called digital microfluidics (DMF), Infinity is able to disrupt cell structure to extract oil from botanical flower, using distilled water. One of the benefits of using this technology is the ability to digitally separate water and oil. Other than extraction, this is a solid-state version of centrifugal partitioning methods, and can also be used to adjust the solubility of the oil, in-situ.

Infinity has already developed a method to extract oil from botanicals using water cavitation, and this is another method of using water as a solvent. Water provides a eco-friendly alternative to ethanol extraction, and can produce a better quality full spectrum oil. The cost of water versus ethanol as a consumable is significantly less.

Infinity is currently looking for early-adopters who wish to fund testing in exchange for first access to the technology, and processing equipment.

As the botanical industry matures, Infinity foresees a huge need for fast and efficient eco-extraction, using a clean, pure, and renewable solvent. Using water as the solvent is not only good for the environment, but even better for the consumer.

Infinity Supercritical LLC develops and markets innovative botanical oil extraction systems. Emphasis is placed on developing new technology to reduce extraction time, and producing a superior oil product, maximizing extracted antioxidants, terpenes, and nutrients.

Contact: G. Giese | CEO | Infinity Supercritical LLC | TEL (720) 541-9113

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