SDR01 Craft Extraction and Bottling Kit For The Producer of Exquisite Hemp Oil Extracts

Eco Extraction – Water Extraction – Organic Extraction Process
Craft Extraction and Bottling – Consumer Direct Sales.

We are currently working on Live Resin and THCA Diamonds processing on our lab scale demo units.

Dry Hemp Flower Input (lbs/day): 24
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (bottles/day): 872
Revenue Per Day: $12,560
Payback (days): 12
Based On $25 Per Bottle of 1 gram Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
Aqueous Extraction. One Touch Craft Extraction.
Consumables: Water (closed loop) and Power.
Price: The SDR01 Craft Extraction and Bottling Kit is $150,000.
Kit Contents:
A. SDR01 Extraction System with Custom Bottle Table Organizer (ships
in two crates)
B. Color Label Printer
C. 1,000 Starter Labels
D. 1,000 Starter Bottles (1 oz)
E. Bottle Label Kit App which you can run on Filemaker (Mac/PC) and
Filemaker GO (iPhone or iPad) to design, configure, and print labels
F. Invoice App (to run your business)
Optional: COA Analyzer machine. Test and fingerprint your hemp flower
prior extraction, and then results after extraction. Also allows you
to test competitors oil for actual CBD content.
Optional Hemp Supplier: For farmers, let us sell your hemp flower to
our extractor customers.
Optional Hemp Buyer: Buy from farmers direct (must have COA to verify
product is not hot, and organic).
NOTE: It’s important that you set up your sales channels in advance¬†(retail, private label, or consumer direct via website). Without¬†sales, you will make zero profit and have no payback.



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