Infinity Supercritical Industrial Hemp Extraction: Introducing the SDR10K with 10,000 lb per day Hemp Flower Extraction Capacity Using Water as the Solvent

SDR Spinning Disc Reactor for Hemp Oil Extraction and Botanical Oil Extraction


The New Revolution in Processing using Water as the Solvent
Simple push-button operation and uses only water as the solvent, this amazing system uses technology that was previously only available in the pharmaceutical industry. Process up to 10,000 pounds per day of dried hemp flower. This system can process an amazing 10 acres per day of hemp flower, or up to about 3,650 acres of hemp flower per year. This system produces a crude oil extract, which is considered a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil extraction. One-touch, one step, craft-extraction.

Price: Please call or email for pricing.

Build Time: Depends on order queue.

Starlink: Our SDR systems will utilize the new SpaceX Starlink when it becomes available for one-touch parts ordering, support, and maintenance (over-the-air-updates).

Tax Credits: If you are producing your own power for your processing facility, you may access the USA 10 percent microturbine or CHP tax credit, or up to 30 percent for solar energy.

Modular: Built into standard shipping containers (processing, separation, water storage, crew operation cab). Plug and play. 480 V 3 Phase Power.

Sample ROI Payback of SDR10K



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