SDR X Core Processing Unit

Eco Extraction – Water Extraction – Organic Extraction Process

Introducing the Infinity Supercritical SDR X Core Processor

Date: 9/29/2019 PDF: sdr-x

Aqueous Turbine Extraction Technology

Under development for the past three years, Infinity is taking extraction to a new level of processing technology for extraction of full spectrum oil.

Using rotating elements in series allows the processor to do in-line continuous feed extraction, and optional separation, wax removal, distillation, and isolate.

Mounted in standard shipping containers, this plug-and-play system is ready to operate on delivery. Power with 3-phase 480V service.

Since water is the solvent in a closed-loop process, the need for any permitting is reduced or eliminated.

The only consumables are water and power. Power can be sourced from renewables, such as solar or microturbines to take advantage of Federal tax credits.

This is the only eco-friendly extraction process that is good for your workers, good for the consumers, and good for the environment. It’s also good for profit.

PRODUCT: The SDR X Core Processor allows us to rapidly integrate really cool cutting edge technology, including in-line processing of wax removal (winterization using a catalyst of cation exchangers and molecular sieves), distillation, and isolate production.

Instead of one huge processor, we believe in redundancy. With our modular concept, we are using multiple SDR X Core Processors, which deployed in modular standard hi-cube shipping containers, provide a plug-and-play solution.

PROFIT: Using a eco-extraction process is not only good for the environment, but great for the consumer. A higher buy price will give you better profit margin on processing.

Consumables (such as slippage, which is a huge cost for ethanol processors) are eliminated, which can virtually pay for a SDR system over time.

Energy sourced from microturbines or renewables, such as solar, make available substantial tax credits for your primary consumable, power. This makes your operation more competitive, compared to other processors.

TIME: Combined with a microturbine powered hemp flower dryer, a Aqueous Turbine Extraction System from Infinity can save you huge time during the bottleneck harvest season.

Time is money. Getting product to the buyer faster, with a better product gives you the profit edge.

The very short resident time that the hemp flower gets processed into oil improves your overall bottom-line, and allows you a competitive advantage in the market-place, which is more attractive to buyers.


20190820-infinity-supercritical-sdr-x-profileModular Blocks: Termed Industrial Lego by the National Science Foundation, modular blocks form the assembly.


Multi-Function Modules: Blocks can be used for extraction, separation, and post processing. View ports allow sight of cavitation and extraction.


Rotating Assembly: The Core Processor uses multiple staged rotating elements.


Redundancy: Magnetic couplings connect the drive motor to rotating assemblies through air.

Please contact Infinity Supercritical by email with a short summary of your hemp operation. Infinity will respond with a email that covers most of your questions, and a telephone number for follow-up questions. Email:


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