Full Spectrum Botanical Diamonds For Cosmetics

Using the high quality near-isolate extract from the Infinity Supercritical CO2 system, or the Full Spectrum extract from the SDR water extraction system, Infinity is developing a new product called Full Spectrum Diamonds. For the CO2 system, running at a near sub-critical pressure range, most waxes and lipids are left behind, while retaining the terpenes and other medicinal components of the botanical. For the SDR water processor, the full extract is used. The extract is put into a Nutsche Filter Dryer, and the result is a crystalline craft extraction product. This product is unique, and sells for $80-$100 per gram. This process is also being used by cosmetics companies, who wish to provide a high quality craft extraction for botanical extractions, like Tahitian vanilla, lavender, rose petals, or essential extracts like oregano oil and hops oil.

Isolate Crystal
Isolate Crystal
Isolate Crystal
Isolate Crystal
Isolate Crystal



ibex ice breaker eco extraction using water for oil extraction from plants


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