Immediate Hemp Processing and Bottle Extract Directly for Retail Sales

Supercritical CO2 System (silent operation): Need an immediate solution for hemp oil extraction? Try our amazing CO2 extraction systems. Each system can produce up to 1 liter per day high quality extract without winterizing or post processing. $3,000+ per day income.

Make Hemp Extract Right Now: Some predict 80-90 percent of this years fall hemp harvest will sit in the field, or be unsold. Why ? There are few extractors. Most fly-by-night operations produce the nasty ethanol processed crappy extracts that nobody wants (and have filtered out most of the CB D’s along with the bitter tasting chlorophyll). Need a solution (right-now) for your hemp harvest that is sitting in the field, or sitting in the warehouse un-sold ? Turn your valuable hemp flower into gold (the green kind).

Full Spectrum High Value Hemp Extract: Each unit produces high quality near distillate hemp cb d oil (85 percent cb d). Run near sub-critical CO2 to leave waxes and lipids behind so you don’t have to do any winterization (post processing). Good to bottle straight out of the machine.

1-14 Liters Per Day is Better than Zero Liters Per Day (for those in wait and see mode): Sure, this won’t process your 400,000 pounds of hemp per day. But would you rather have $50,000+ per day income or zero income per day ? Over 365 days x $50,000 per day = $18,250,000 sales per year. That’s on an investment of 14 machines which is a total of $1,554,000. You pay off your investment in just over 30 days. Of course, you can be just like everybody else, and just sit, and wait, and see what happens (nothing will happen).

Craft Oil Extraction: The finest supercritical CO2 full spectrum oil extraction anywhere. Botanical oil extraction. Stop wasting time with ethanol (and huge costs of consumables).

Infinity Supercritical 10L (New) For Sale: $99,000 Each (Available): New, in crate. Full warranty. Crate, freight, and insurance $2,500 (anywhere lower 48). Ready to ship. Includes free installation kit.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract: Produce near distillate high quality hemp crude oil (leave most of the waxes and lipids behind, which reduces or eliminates post processing). FYI – post processing can take lots of time, labor, and consumables. Typically, post processing can take up to 1-5 times of the extraction time, and most post processing uses ethanol. Our pure full spectrum extract can be bottled and sold straight out of the machine.

Diamonds: Need a new niche market that brings over $80 per gram ? Consider making diamonds (crystals).

For more information, see the Infinity Supercritical CO2 Website




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