SDR Cavitation Demonstrator Prototype For Sale

Spinning Disc Reactor Prototype for Sale: $100,000 USD.

Includes: industrial cart with swivel casters, experimental cavitation discs, spare parts. Also includes a centrifuge to experiment with separating liquids. Domestic USA crate and freight anywhere lower 48 USA $2,500.

Features and Design of Experimental Cart System: 

Power: 110V 60hz plug. AC to DC variable speed drive. DC motor drive for SDR assembly.

Dimensions: Unit measures 24 inches wide x 48 inches length x 54 inches height. Fits through any standard door, hallway, and elevator.

Construction: Powder coated caster beams (bolt together beams) and laser cut clear acrylic table top, back and lower shelf. Caster beams are easily reconfigured using 3/8 bolts/fasteners. Beams have 3/8 inch bores for fasteners, and 3 inch diameter cut-outs for easy access to fasteners, or providing access to wiring or other internal beam contents.

Mobility: Heavy duty industrial 5 inch swivel and lock casters.

SDR Assembly: SDR modular blocks and bolt together with quick release toggle, which allows rapid reconfiguration of internal shaft mounted SDR discs. Multiple cavitation format discs are included. Magnetic coupling for sealed rotating assembly. Multiple input and exit ports on blocks allow multiple configurations. Glass sight viewports for camera and lighting. Sensor ports for pressure, temperature, or other sensors. Vertical solid state liquid heating vessel. When run in cavitation mode, you will hear a gravel-like sound which indicates cavitation of water. In addition, there will be an absence of light present when using a flash light or laser through viewport when water cavitation is in full process. This is not a botanical processor, but rather an experimental system to show cavitation. The most asked question is the ability for continuous flow cavitation, and that cavitation provides the process to extract oil from botanicals. This system allows you to experiment with these issues. This is a low pressure system using patented modular blocks. Seals are designed to contain liquid only (not a pressurized system). System designed for water and oil only. While oil does not cavitate, oil-to-oil extraction is possible and happens quickly with this method of rotating discs. There are several studies which suggest that oil-to-oil extraction is viable and has extraction rates much better than some ethanol extraction processes, but this is something you would have to verify. System can easily be configured for extraction, but that process would be your responsibility. Please see the science at:

Hi Tech Applications: This same SDR (Spinning Disc Reactor) technology can also be used to produce silver nanoparticles and other hi-tech (liquid battery and component) manufacturing. This technology may be a huge impact for manufacturing for companies like Quantum Scape and Ambri liquid metal technology.

Extraction Technology: Can be used with water, or with oil as the solvent. Water is the perfect eco solvent for hemp flower and other botanicals, however oil is also a great solvent for extraction. Oil does not cavitate in this system, but does a rapid extraction from the nature of centrifugal process and the speed of the multiple staged rotors. Oil extraction is another eco friendly extraction method to draw oils from botanical flowers. The same technology can be used for other mixing applications, including making nano emulsions. We have used this technology to mix botanical oil with water and bees wax to make skin creams and other cosmetics products. We have also developed a DIY at-home consumer unit which essentially does the same function, albeit on a small scale.

Can You Build This System On Your Own ? Yes, of course you can. But expect about a 12 month trial-and-error process. We use our own patented modular block system, which allows for rapid prototyping and integration from testing to market. What you are buying is time. The time savings alone will easily pay for the system very shortly. In addition, we already have 5 years of botanical extraction experience under our belts, which includes CO2 and water phase change cavitation science experience since 2004.

Sale Conditions: System sold as-is, no warranty,and no guaranty on extraction rates as a experimental system. System is sold with no support. Support may be available as a paid option (depending on application).

Demonstration: If you would like to pay for a demonstration of water cavitation, we are able to arrange a showing in Madison, Wisconsin with a signed NDA (no photos or video during demonstration since we’ve seen people try to do fund-raising activities after we have done demo’s). We also offer other paid demonstrations with solution (oil) HPLC testing results. We have access to a HPLC located a few blocks away from our facility.

Availability: System is in a crate and ready for shipment.

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