SDR X Water Cavitation Module Build Plans $10,000

Infinity Supercritical is now offering build plans and methodology for water cavitation and botanical oil extraction. This same SDR (Spinning Disc Reactor) technology can also be used to produce silver nanoparticles and other hi-tech (liquid battery and component) manufacturing. This technology may be a huge impact for manufacturing for companies like Quantum Scape and Ambri liquid metal technology.

We offer the basic (build one unit) licensing for $10,000 USD. Consulting is optional and available at $300 per hour. Cad/Cam services are available at $60 per hour. Licensing is available for build-your-own-brand production. The modular concept, methodology, and system is patented and has been maintained for another 10 years.

Configuring the SDR X modular blocks and formulating the extraction or manufacturing process (silver nanoparticles for example) will be your proprietary information, which we can assist you develop via our consulting. We do not provide formulations with the $10,000 build plans for the SDR. Those formulations and flow methods are available for sale, and have taken years to develop. Of course you can do this on your own with your system (which makes your process proprietary for investors and new patents).

The Spinning Disc Reactor (SDR) is a method that provides rapid processing. This can be used for extracting oil from hemp, producing silver nanoparticles, and other hi-tech applications. What water cavitation is the primary use, this system can also be used for oil-to-oil botanical extraction. The system can also be used for experimenting with nano-emulsions. This systems allows you to develop and show cavitation and mixing science.

We organize information and develop methodology algorithms using the Filemaker database backbone. This allows you to surge quickly to market with concepts and builds.

Please contact us for additional information.

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