Hydro SDR2000 Industrial Botanical Oil Organic Extractor by Infinity Supercritical For Full Spectrum Oil

Infinity Supercritical
Model: SDR2000
Dry Botantical Flower Input (lbs/day): 2,400
Full Spectrum Oil (kg/day): 87
Revenue Per Day: $84,072
Payback (days): 27
Based On $/gram: 1.5
Aqueous Extraction. One Touch Craft Extraction.
Consumables: Water (closed loop) and Power.
Comparison to Ethanol Extraction – Savings Per Year from Consumable Slippage: $1200000
Other Systems – Production Already Reserved for 2020:
SDR10K: 10,000 lbs/day
SDR50K: 50,000 lbs/day
SDR100K: 100,000 lbs/day
SDR300K: 300,000 lbs/day

Full Spectrum Botanical Diamonds For Cosmetics

Infinity is developing a new botanical isolate termed full spectrum botanical diamonds, which use a full spectrum isolate crystal for beverage additives and for the cosmetics industry. Any botanical extract can be used as the basis of diamond mining. This high value product is antioxidant rich, botanically pure, and has the same phytonutrients as the host plant.

SDR X Core Processing Unit

Infinity Supercritical
Model: X
Dry Botantical Flower Input (lbs/day): 120
Full Spectrum Oil (kg/day): 4
Revenue Per Day: $23,306
Payback (days): 6
Based On $/gram: 6
Aqueous Extraction. One Touch Craft Extraction. Core processor only. Does not include any separation or filtration modules.
Consumables: Water (closed loop and filtered) and Power.
Comparison to Ethanol Extraction – Savings Per Year from Consumable Slippage: $60000

SDR2000 Oil Extractor System Advantages of Water as the Solvent

Infinity Supercritical. SDR2000 Oil Extraction System.
Aqueous Extraction.
Water = eco-extraction solution.
Water = No lengthy zoning and fire code regulations.
Water = Better for the consumer.
Water = Green-branded extraction.
Water = Pure extract, better oil.
Water = No harsh solvents.
Ethanol = consumables can cost over $1 million per year.
Ethanol = cheap and dirty extraction.

Investor Strategy

Investor strategy.
Aqueous Extraction.
Focus on extraction processing, not farming.
Focus on full spectrum oil branding, not isolate.

What are Terpenes ?

Smell. Flavor. Medicinal Qualities.
Ethanol = Evaporates Terpenes.
Terps are found in hemp and essential oils (flavinoids) of plants, consisting of a large group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons.