SDR2000 Hemp Oil Extractor System Advantages of Water as the Solvent

Infinity Supercritical. SDR2000 Hemp Oil Extraction System.
Aqueous Extraction.
Water = eco-extraction solution.
Water = No lengthy zoning and fire code regulations.
Water = Better for the consumer.
Water = Green-branded extraction.
Water = Pure extract, better oil.
Water = No harsh solvents.
Ethanol = consumables can cost over $1 million per year.
Ethanol = cheap and dirty extraction.

Hemp Investor Strategy

Hemp investor strategy.
Aqueous Extraction.
Focus on extraction processing, not farming.
Focus on full spectrum oil branding, not isolate.

What are Terpenes ?

Smell. Flavor. Medicinal Qualities.
Ethanol = Evaporates Terpenes.
Terps are found in hemp and essential oils (flavinoids) of plants, consisting of a large group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons.