Reasons Not To Use Ethanol Extraction

Reasons not to use Ethanol.
Poor terpene retention.
Green looking oil extraction.
Great for chlorophyll extraction (bitter tasting junk).
High costs of slippage, up to $1 million per year large processors.
Carbon filters = filters out green and valuable components used to make isolate.
Ethanol = fire hazard.
Ethanol Sucks = literally vacuums cash out of your pocket for consumables.

Hemp Investor Strategy

Hemp investor strategy.
Aqueous Extraction.
Focus on extraction processing, not farming.
Focus on full spectrum oil branding, not isolate.

What are Terpenes ?

Smell. Flavor. Medicinal Qualities.
Ethanol = Evaporates Terpenes.
Terps are found in hemp and essential oils (flavinoids) of plants, consisting of a large group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons.