Infinity Supercritical Industrial Hemp Extraction: Introducing the SDR100K with 100,000 lb per day Hemp Flower Extraction Capacity Using Water as the Solvent

Infinity Supercritical
Model: SDR100K
Dry Hemp Flower Input (lbs/day): 100,008
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (kg/day): 3,632
Revenue Per Day: $3,554,286
Payback (days): 14
Based On $/gram: 1.50
Aqueous Extraction. One Touch Craft Extraction.
Consumables: Water (closed loop) and Power.
Modular: Built into standard shipping containers (processing, separation, water storage, crew operation cab). Plug and play. 480 V 3 Phase Power.
Comparison to Ethanol Extraction – Savings Per Year from Consumable Slippage: $50,004,000